About Me

Congratulations! You have found my blog!   (I hid it well, so there’s only a few of you…) 🙂  Obviously, it wasn’t my plan to have an inconspicuous blog and hopefully I will be forced into success and have to update this About Me page when I have millions of followers. (I’d be happy with 10 at the moment… lol). We shall see…. In the meantime, I would love to read your comments or feedback on my posts- especially if you disagree! I am always interested in opposing opinions; my passion is learning and sometimes I need my brain stretched in order to learn more.  So Bring it On!

My passionate purpose is to help YOU on your learning journey.  This includes any subject you may be interested in, but my specialties are:

  • social media in business
  • process improvement
  • understanding your personal strengths
  • planning
  • organizing
  • time management

I currently provide consulting on creating and maintaining social media presence for several small business entrepreneurs. (If that’s you – THANKS!)



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