Passion is nothing without action

Personal learning can be a long and arduous journey; many of the challenges along the way will make you doubt yourself or at least think twice before you act.  Some lessons are easily learned and can be put into practice quickly and efficiently, others will consistently elude your efforts to master them, but keep trying.

Personal learning is not a destination – it is an ongoing journey.

It will test your mettle more days than not.  Searching your own faults and weaknesses can be difficult and often painful, but it is necessary for any lasting growth.  So how do you push through the hard times and ignore the discouraging voices?  Like most things in life it comes down to the attitude you have when approaching obstacles and change.  Having a positive approach to your growth is required for the overall experience to be helpful rather than destructive.

Passion is the number one ingredient in personal learning.

It will keep you moving forward, driving you toward your goals like the getaway car in a robbery.  The passion will be your constant companion, consuming your every thought and breath – eating you alive.  However, the passion is nothing without action.  Your actions need to be planned with built in goals and rewards for all your hard work along the way.  Treat your personal growth as a personal pet project – a lifetime in the making.  Nurture your passion, but harness it into positive, productive actions that help you to narrow the creative tension gap between the you right now, and the you of the future.  You can do it.

~ by nicolelynnott on January 25, 2011.

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