Got Time Management?

Time management is the next step in your career plan.  Time 
management includes prioritizing, delegating, and managing your own time as well as the time of your direct reports.  If you don’t have direct reports yet, practice on yourself.  These skills are essential to being productive and effective in both your home and work life. 

Prioritizing the projects and tasks you have into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc., will help to manage your workload.  Then focus on the tasks that are needed for the projects you are responsible to complete.  Order the tasks by importance, but leave yourself as much room as possible for the little things that pop up on a daily basis. The little interruptions that are not scheduled can throw you off and put all your hard work in jeopardy.  For the things that HAVE to be done – either find time to do them at home (if it has less distractions) or come in early / stay late to finish them when there are fewer pulls on your time and attention.

Before delegating tasks to others, schedule yourself time each week to work on something for someone else.  If you first help others and are consistently seen as a team player, you will have an easier time asking others for help when you are in need.  If there are things that others you work with can do better or more easily – ask them to help you out with it.  Be certain to only delegate tasks that are not responsible for the projects failure or success and pick your delegates purposefully in order to build relationships and foster a team spirit.  Make sure you don’t overload any one person with your tasks – they have their own job to do as well. 

Managing yours and others time is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To show proper respect keep to your schedule and always choose people tasks over paper or computer tasks.  It will go a long way to increase their positive view of you as their leader.  When you are in meetings have an agenda and keep to the time line set out if issues become larger, reschedule a time to discuss or walk through the issue.  Last but not least, when you are meeting with someone – be present in the meeting, don’t be checking your e-mail or using your cell phone. Pay attention and give respect to the person you have the meeting with – or don’t have the meeting at all.

A leaders learning never ends.

~ by nicolelynnott on August 6, 2010.

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