Watch Yourself!

Step number three in your career plan, after you have found your passion and connected with you mentor, is self-monitoring.  This is one of the best tools at your disposal to really drill down and understand what skills and behaviors work for you and what you still need to focus on improving.

Along with self-monitoring, it is necessary to keep a journal.  The journal will log your incredible mentorship, situations that happen on a daily basis, your thoughts and feelings, ideas, solutions and key projects you want to work to solve.  These notes should be brought to your regular meeting with your mentor in order to go over what you actually did and said (your behaviors). This process will generate conversation and feedback around how you may have been able to improve the situation or better handled the circumstances.  Use the journal to write down important insights from your mentor and use them as your plan for personal improvement.  A solid personal development plan will be focused on increasing your knowledge in order to become the leading subject matter expert in your field.  It is important to use this opportunity to focus on both your strengths and your weaknesses in order to develop your skill sets evenly and be a ‘well rounded’ leader.

Following the plan you and your mentor create, monitoring your behaviors and reactions, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses and documenting the important discoveries you are making about yourself will lead to a solid foundation for personal change.  These are key components to reaching your career goals.

A leaders learning never ends.

~ by nicolelynnott on August 5, 2010.

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